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The story behind the evolution of the brand Sil Gold is as interesting as its jewelry. It began as traditional showroom in the old world environs of Chandni Chowk, A heritage building Built in 1860, under the name “Khoob Chand Inderchand”. Named after Tarun’s father who started the business, which in 1968 was renamed as "Atul Jewellers" after the name of Tarun's elder brother Atul - the showroom was an immediate success.

Shri Inderchand Jain was a natural at the business. Renowned for his eye for gems, he passed on the talent to his son.

Trained from childhood under the eagle eye of his father in the identification of gems, the young Tarun was an active participant in the family business. He started designing jewelry since class V. It was the age of experimentation.  Tarun was then allowed to work only with Silver and American Diamonds. However even at this early age, he was extremely innovative. The gifted child decided colors and stones by himself and his designs were appreciated by all.

The gemstone specialist’s fame spread far. Tarun Jain’s romance with jewels had started early. It grew into a burning passion with each passing year. In the time old traditions of a family business-it was understood that Tarun would take over the reins when he grew up.

He studied gemology and diamond grading from the Indian Gemological Institute and GIA along with a conventional education at Delhi University.

He also learned Jewellery designing formally at Jewellery Product Development Council. Furthermore, he has studied Digital Jewellery Designing from Jewellery Design and Management School Singapore (JDMIS).

The fascination for stones and colors, the design talent and the eye for gems had determined that Tarun’s calling was the jewelry business. However Tarun was not content to allow the business to stay within the confines of the winding streets of Chandni Chowk.

Under the brand name of Sil Gold –Tarun Jain took his business to varied parts of the Country. From a Hi end show room at South Extension to catering to different jewellers across India – Sil Gold spanned the entire India spectrum. Soon Tarun was exporting to UK, USA Germany and Canada. His brand became a name to reckon with in customized jewelry for international markets.

During a the span of 25 years Tarun Jain -refashioned the family business that was started in 1960.The brand became a designer statement. Now known as “Sil Gold by Tarun Jain”, the brand signifies the style, romance and beauty of life. It stands for the joie d vivre intrinsic to Tarun. With him-the brand has evolved into an exciting and trailblazing jewelry house.

In the year 2014 while the Retail brand continued to deliver the excellence , Tarun explored into a new venture of Jewellery education & established World's first Jewellery professional institution with 360 degree Jewellery Training under one roof known as "Design Academy of India" which soon became talk of the Industry and Tarun extended two new arms of education in the year 2017, a new International school of Jewellery in UAE named "World Academy of Design" which turned out to be a milestone in the history of Jewellery industry of Middle East.  A new turning in business emerged when Tarun's young , multi talented son Suraj Jain, an MBA Graduate from NM Univ Mumbai,decided to join the regime & started a new exclusive outlet called "SilGold Luxury" in the prime location of south Delhi Called Aurbindo market in the year 2023.

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